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Snap Inc. Announces Camera Enabled Glasses Titled “Spectacles”

Last week, the company behind the ever so popular social media app “Snapchat”, announced a new form of eye wear.

The glasses that they are calling Spectacles, have a built in camera that allows you to record snaps quickly and easily. They wirelessly connect to your phone to upload the snaps directly to your Snapchat account.

Tapping the side of the Spectacles will enable the glasses to begin recording video using its built in camera. It can only record in 10 second increments, but you can continue tapping the glasses to take longer videos.

To prevent people from using the Spectacles in places where video is prohibited, the camera that is on the glasses are large, and obvious, and even display lights around it to inform people that they are currently recording.

Users no longer have to worry about choosing to film in portrait or landscape. The 115 degree built in camera films in a full circle, allowing for both!

Check out the official website: https://www.spectacles.com/

What do you think?

Will you be picking up Snap Inc.’s $130 Spectacles?

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