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#SelfieTennis – VR Game REVIEW


It is very difficult to describe this game in English words…

Why you ask?

You’re a selfie taking unicorn on a floating tennis court in the middle of the sky, with randomly appearing creatures with tennis balls for heads, and clouds for sportswear. When you kill them, they turn into hearts. Kill those hearts, and they turn into more hearts. You can then kill those new hearts to earn some unlockables. Meanwhile, while all this is going on, you play tennis…by yourself!

I know that’s a lot to take in, but below you will find my more in depth review:

#SelfieTennis starts you off on a decently sized tennis court. There are many “Ballpeople” all around the court in various different locations such as; on the bell tower, on the edge of the net, on top of the walls, and on the sides of the court. By incapacitating the Ballpeople, you can earn hearts. This is done by either; one, physically hitting them if they are in the range of your play-area. Two, throwing your racket at them, or three, swinging the ball in their direction.
In order for the hearts to spawn, the Ballpeople must actually fall off of the cliff. Once this is done, a heart will float up in its place, and you can collect it by using the same methods I previously mentioned for killing the Ballpeople (minus #1).
After collecting the heart, the heart will spawn smaller versions of itself. Collecting these occasionally give you items like; new rackets, new balls, and a variety of power-ups. There is a ton of content for all three of these categories, and it is a ton of fun to try to collect all of them. You can activate these items by using your touchpad. Left touchpad lets you select the ball, and right lets you select your racket. Also keep in mind that when you restart the game, all of the items you unlocked will no longer be available for you to use.

All of this stuff, and I haven’t even mentioned the core aspect of this game: Tennis!

The way the gameplay works is pretty self-explanatory. You activate the racket by holding down the right trigger, and the ball by holding down the left. After serving the ball, you are automatically teleported to the other side of the court in the general area of where the ball is going to land. You then begin hitting the ball back and forth to yourself, hence the name “SelfieTennis”. The goal of this game is to see how many times you can hit the ball back and forth before you miss it or before you hit the ball out of bounds. Going for your personal best is very addicting. The physics of the game are very accurate, although there are times when the tennis ball seems to go through your racket. The difficulty of this game is that of real tennis. Someone who is an actual tennis player vs someone who has never played before, has a much greater advantage at this game.

#SelfieTennis also includes 44 total Steam achievements that you can try to unlock. Its very fun and addictive to go through and try to unlock them all. Some of the achievements also include a small joke in their title and/or description.

Not only does this game live up to its name with the fact that you play tennis with yourself, but it also lives up to its name because you can actually take selfies! By pressing the grip button in-game, you activate a selfie stick that you can use to take a picture of yourself in front of whatever you want at any given moment. This photo can then be uploaded to your Twitter account straight from the game, or saved to your computer. Your avatar in the game is a unicorn. Your color can be changed by hitting yourself with the racket.

All and all, I highly recommend picking up this VR title. It’s got great immersion, is a lot of fun, has a high replay value, gives a great amount of exercise, and is very entertaining in it’s own goofy way. #SelfieTennis takes full advantage of room-scale and motion controllers, and is tracked next to perfectly!


Buy now on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/392190

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