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Rec Room – VR Game REVIEW

Recreational activities in virtual reality… a very simple concept, that is much more fun than you might expect!

The graphics in this game are very cartoonish and simple, but that is NOT a bad thing. The game is very polished and detailed and contains everything you would want from a VR title. The animations in this game are wonderful! They were very well thought out and designed. Everything moves around smoothly, and there are lots of little details that make this game great!
The physics are great, until they are not, but when they are not, there were not supposed to be. All of the games physics work perfectly and smoothly, except for the darts. That’s where things get fun. In the main lobby, throwing darts onto objects causes some weird things to occur such as making the object float, or spin. This is all apart of the fun though! The few physics that don’t work, don’t need to work, and if they did, the game just wouldn’t be the same.
This is the main feature of the game, and it is portrayed PERFECTLY! All the small aspects of this game is what makes it so great! Want to join a party with someone? Give them a fist bump! Don’t want anyone to hear you sneeze in real life? Put your in-game hand over your mouth to mute your mic! Genius! Most people that play this game tend to be pretty nice. Remember though, this is still the internet, you WILL run into some pretty impolite, no mannered, idiots occasionally. Prepare for explicit language and sexual content. If someone can say it/do it, you can hear it/see it.
You can make your Rec Room avatar look any way that you want it to! There are many different items and accessories including; Shirts, wristbands, glasses, hair bands/bows, gloves, sweatbands, and more! Lots of hair style options are available, and you can change them to any (Natural) hair color. Skin color is also an option!
The settings page lets you change just about everything to make the game perfect for you! Resolution too low? Turn it up! Someone talking about something you don’t want to hear, or even screaming in their mic? Mute them. Simple. There are TONS of options for voice chat. This even includes a voice changer! Three different options are included for when you want people to hear you. Always On, Push-To-Talk (grip Button to activate), and Off.
Graphics and mic customization are just a few of the settings Rec Room has to offer, so play around with them until they work for you!
6 games are currently available to play in Rec Room; Dodgeball, PaintBall, 3D Charades, Disc Golf, Soccer, and Paddle Ball. All of which, are not only as fun as the real thing, but as REAL as the real thing. Each game is totally unique and fun in its own way! None of these games can be played by yourself (while still having fun), they all need two or more people to really complete the experience (they are multiplayer games in real life after all). All six games allow you to use your mic to communicate with each other. Whether your joking around and having a good time in 3D Charades, or Talking with your team and strategically planning your next Paintball round! Make sure you try out all of the different games, as they are all very fun, unique, and competitive (if you want it to be!).
Tips and Tricks:
1. You can reorient your room by squeezing the grip button on both controllers!
2. While holding an object with the trigger, you can press the top menu button to lock it in place. Now you no longer have to hold the trigger down!]

The controls in Rec Room are very simple and intuitive.

Touchpad = Teleport

Trigger = Grab

Menu Button = Menu.

That’s literally all that you need to know in order to play this game!

Rec Room is updated almost weekly with new features! It’s a free application, which honestly feels like I am scamming the developers of their time and money! Please download this game right now! You wasted time reading this review when you could have been playing the game already! 🙂

Download here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/471710

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