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Oculus Announces New Products, New Features, and the Release date and Price for Touch

During a keynote presentation on October 6th, Oculus VR finally announced the price and release date for their VR controller “Oculus Touch”.

They are set to cost $199, and be released on December 6th.

It was also confirmed that the Rift can support room-scale if you buy a third camera from them for $79. This makes the total package of the Rift cost more then their competitor the HTC Vive, which has tracked controllers and room-scale straight out of the box.

A new piece of hardware was also announced at the presentation. The Oculus Earphones. They are said to “Increase Immersion” in VR experiences.


Oculus also unveiled some new VR software including;

Oculus Avatars,


and Parties and Rooms for Gear VR.



The biggest announcement that was made at the event was that Oculus is working on a new standalone VR headset that does not require a PC or mobile phone to function. Very few details were revealed about this product as its still in really early development.


Oculus also claimed that they will be putting 50 million dollars into VR development this year, and 10 Million into VR content.


For a full list of announcements made at the keynote, you can visit Oculus’s Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/oculus/with_replies

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