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Fruit Ninja VR – VR Game REVIEW

I am writing this review from inside of my iPhone. I don’t know how I got in here… but its absolutely incredible!

Fruit Ninja VR is a must have game for the Vive, just as Fruit Ninja was a must have app for any smartphone owner! Halfbrick really found a great way to take an old franchise, and put it into a whole new light! Fruit Ninja has officially been…Re”Vive”d!

The moment you put on your headset, you are greeted with three different gamemode options, all included in the original smartphone game.

The first mode is Arcade. This mode has you going up against the clock to see how many points you can earn within a one minute time frame. Combos and bonuses are your friend here, so be sure to rack up as many as you can. All bombs must be avoided, as slicing one would result in an instant “Game Over!”

The second mode is Classic. Here you must slice as many fruit as you can while attempting to avoid the oncoming bombs. Failing to slice a fruit that you are presented with before it hits the ground will earn you a strike. Three of these, and “Your out!” The goal in this mode is to gain as many points as possible within an infinite amount of time.

The third and final mode is Zen. While very similar to Arcade mode, it does have its differences. There are zero bombs in this mode, and your main focus is slicing fruit and earning combos. There is also a time limit that you are up against. You have 90 seconds to slice, dice, and cut as many of those fruits that you possibly can.

I personally find all three of these modes to give an equal amount of enjoyment.

The leaderboards for each gamemode are one of the greatest aspects of this game. Attempting to go for the communities high score is very addictive and a ton of fun!

Graphically this game is gorgeous! The animated cartoony style looks and feels really cool in VR! The swords are shiny and reflective, the background is visually pleasing, and all the small elements of this game are very detailed and polished.

All of the sound effects in this game are actually pretty nostalgic. Many of them are taken straight from the original game, and it fits so perfectly in this one.

The controls of this game are so simple, that if you have arms, you can play. Slicing is the only required movement in this game, and there is not a single button that you must press to activate anything! Not only are the controls simple, but they are very intuitive. There have been no occurrences of any missed fruit slicing or bomb hits that have not been my own fault. Don’t mistake having the fruit or bomb bounce off your sword as a glitch. You must slice them, not just let your sword touch them. The swords move around beautifully, and even make a swooshing sound when you swing them.

If the amount of content is what’s holding you back from buying this game, don’t fret. Its still incredible at its current state + Multiplayer, new maps, and new weapons are on the way. This game is still in early access.

The next generation of ninja fruit slicing is here…
And its wonderful!

Buy now on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/486780

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