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Developer of Five Nights at Freddy’s Trolls Fans Anticipating the Release of “Sister Location”


Scott Cawthon has done it again.

Wednesday, October 4th, Cawthon posted a news update on Steam for his upcoming game “Five Nights At Freddy’s: Sister Location”.

It Stated:

“Hey guys, I wanted to post an announcement that this game might be postponed, and I’m not really sure when it would be released.

There are certain plot elements that are very dark, to the point where I sometimes feel sick. There would be no easy fix to this. I either release it Friday as it is, or I delay it by several months to completely rework the plot into something kid-friendly.

I’m unsure what I’m going to do. As always, thanks for your support.”

Many people were skeptical with this post, as this wouldn’t have been the first time Scott has trolled his fans. Others, however, were worried about a delay.

The following day, Cawthon posted another update titled; “Official Game Will be Delayed”, expressing his decision.

 Hey guys, I wanted to let everyone know what I’ve decided. And just as a warning- a lot of you aren’t going to be happy about it, but please try to understand.

Ever since I started making games I always wanted to be a world builder. I never wanted to make gimmicky games or things that didn’t mean something. I wanted to create experiences that would really have an impact on people. I feel like I got to do that with the first few games, but somehow I feel like I let myself get too dark with this one. Things went sideways, and I look at this game now and am unsure how it will affect people.

At the same time though, people WANT a horror game, and I get that. I understand that. This is supposed to be horror, and not kid friendly. So then what am I supposed to do? Release something that offends me just to satisfy those who want to play it? Or take the time and effort to really craft something that everyone can enjoy? The answer is obvious to me.

The problem is that the franchise has grown too much. There is too much of a spotlight on this for me to really do what I want to do. Even the news sites jumped all over this and mocked me for delaying the game. It just makes things difficult, because I don’t feel like I can really do the right thing anymore.

But I think I have the solution. (this is the part most of you won’t like)
I’m going to release the “mature” version of the game by itself, in sections, not as a part of the timeline, not as a part of the lore, and not as a part of the story, but just because I promised that I would. I promised a game, and don’t want to be one of those developers who endlessly delays their game’s release. However, I would recommend that real fans of the games, and real followers of the lore, wait a few months until I’m able to really make something that everyone can enjoy, and something that can still be scary!
I’m going to release the game in chapters, however, not the whole game at once, since it puts strain on the servers over at GameJolt.

Sister Location: MA, Night 1 download link: http://gamejolt.com/games/sister-location-ma/195478

To many peoples surprise, it turned out that “Sister Location: MA” on GameJolt was actually just a reskinned version of one of Scott’s Pre-FNAF games “Sit-n-Survive”.

The whole thing, was just a troll.

This is not the first time that Scott fooled his fans either.

About a month ago, he updated his web site scottgames.com to display this image:


The image was referring to a leak of a characters voice from the game that was posted online under the official voice actors profile. At least that’s what fans thought at first.

It was later discovered that Scott planted this voice clip online to mess with people.

Brightening up the image on his website in an image editor would reveal this:

What this shows is that the game “FNAF: Sister Location” was not canceled due to voice leaks, but in fact the grand opening of the games fictional location “Circus Baby’s Pizza” was cancelled due to gas leaks.

Scott’s one sneaky fella now isn’t he?


Early last year, before the launch of Five Nights at Freddy’s 3, Cawthon made his Steam profile look like it was hacked. He wrote an update saying that he was a hacker that got access to FNAF 3 early, and even provided a link to download it. The game was actually just a re-skin of one of Cawthon’s old games “There is No Pause Button” with the trololol song playing in the background.

This is obviously what inspired the troll he made today.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location is still on track for a release on October 7th, 2016.

As most of you have figured out, the game’s not delayed, see you Friday 😉 – Scott Cawthon


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